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Cerimonie d'Incanto will advise you on the most suitable location for the wedding of your dreams, and is happy to organise themed weddings. Below are some examples of possible locations to suit your chosen theme:
Classic Romantic
Villas, castles, historic buildings, country manor houses. The finest materials, elegant decorations, candles, delicate flowers like roses and peonies.
Country Chic and Shabby Chic Wedding
Farms or country homes for a more informal reception, with a warm colour palette of yellow, gold and amber for Country Chic weddings, natural materials and yellow flowers like sunflowers and daisies with vintage elements for Shabby Chic weddings.
Exclusive restaurants and locations, conference centres or fashionable venues; the reception is organised in a modern location, using a cold colour palette, clean lines and white flowers like arum lilies.
On The Beach
A very popular theme in recent years, the beach wedding is a youthful event with a nautical inspiration: gazebos, veils and white candles, a colour palette of blue, emerald green and coral, and decorations created with marine objects like shells, starfish, sand.